Those of us who love to pedal around on two wheels are very aware of the dangers of motorized vehicles.  Many cyclists have stories about that time when they almost got hit or heaven forbid when they did get hit by a vehicle.   So it isn`t surprising that people often ask if it is safe to cycle in the Puerto Vallarta region.   The answer is yes.

Clarence can still clearly recall his first ride on the highways surrounding Puerto Vallarta.  He was completely stunned and could not get over how respectful the drivers were.  Not only did they patiently wait for a safe opportunity to pass with their hazard lights flashing, they also passed without crowding the riders.

 “I feel safer on the road here than I did back in Canada,” he declared.   After riding in the Banderas Bay area, many of our clients agree that riding here is not only scenic but also safe.

We know that it’s hard to enjoy the ride if you are worried about being in harm’s way.  We only take you where we feel safe to ride.