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The Puerto Vallarta Cycling Advantage.

What do we offer our customers? Here are thirteen (hey, it’s not always unlucky!) benefits to renting a bicycle or taking a bike tour with us.

1. Real Reviews From Real Customers
Clearly, we want to “put our best foot forward” in this article, but don’t just take our word for it. Please check out what our customers have said about us on TripAdvisor:

2. Exceptional Safety Record
To date, we have not had any serious incidents or accidents. We do a safety check of our bicycles before all our tours and rentals. As well, we do a safety orientation before all our tours.

3. Competitive Pricing
We offer competitive pricing while still providing exceptional service and perks like transportation for our road bike tours

4. Sweet Bikes
All of our premium bicycles are practically brand new and are in excellent working condition.

5. Safety Flashers and Repair Kits
Okay, safety isn’t glamourous, but it’s important! We provide repair kits with all our rentals and tours. We also use safety flashers, (which Carmen calls disco lights), on all our bicycles.

6. Transportation
All of our road bicycle tours include transportation to and from your hotel/condo in Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta. La Bestia Roja (The Red Beast) is what we lovingly call our transportation/support vehicle used for our road bicycle tours. It is a bright fire engine red Ford F150 Crew Cab, that has seating for up to 6 adults and…air conditioning!

7. Food (Yum)
Most of our bicycle tours have a food or lunch component as standard. We love to ride bikes, but we also love to eat! We will bring you to our favourite restaurants in the Puerto Vallarta area!

8. Fat Bikes
We are the only bicycle touring company in the Puerto Vallarta area that offers fat bike rentals and tours. Fat bikes are the perfect bicycle for riding in Puerto Vallarta, allowing you to ride on sand, cobble, dirt roads and mountain trails.

9. Small Business Advantage
Bigger is not always better. We are a small business and that means consistent staffing and personalized service. We (Clarence and Carmen) are the owners, the administrative staff, and the primary tour guides for the company. We have a vested interest in your having an exceptional experience.

10. Custom Tours
We specialize in small groups and catering to the specific needs and desires of each group. Let us design your dream cycling holiday!

11. Experience
We have over 25 years cycling experience with over 2 years guiding experience in the Puerto Vallarta area.

12. Smiling Staff
Our staff and guides are super friendly. We love to ride and it shows! What’s not to love? We get to ride in a tropical paradise!

13. Free Delivery in Puerto Vallarta
When you rent from us, we deliver your bicycle to you anywhere in Puerto Vallarta for FREE. Our rentals also include a helmet and a water bottle.

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