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Internationally renowned Lonely Planet – is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world and now listing our Bicycle Tours ! Thank you !    

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This is a video of my friend Don Marcotte (who is the guy with the tweed hat and playing bass on the right side) , who was a videographer of my bicycle charity ride for Cancer Survivorship in 2006 (Calgary To Austin Peloton Project) . This video is appropriate...

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10.  You can eat more dessert. Seriously, how many of us gain 5 to 7 pounds (or more) on vacation?  If you do something active, like riding a bike, you can eat that extra brownie with impunity!  Ha ha! 9.  You can stop and look at things that grab...

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All of our Fat bike tours leave at 8:15am in front of Xisco Bikes store !  Their address is :  Av. Los Tules 168 Local 8A, 48328 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.   They are 1/2 block away from Costco and just off of Av. Francisco Villa.   We will meet...

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  We were so excited to open up the mail this week, because our new cycling jerseys arrived!  They have already made their Facebook and Instagram debut to rave reviews!  We designed the jersey ourselves with the help of the wonderful staff at Geovanny Apparel in Guadalajara.  For those...

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If you take one of our in-town fat bike tours you will get the chance to sample some of Puerto Vallarta’s best coffee or agua fresca.  Most of you are probably familiar with coffee, but I bet that many of you haven’t the foggiest idea what an “agua fresca”...

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Those of us who love to pedal around on two wheels are very aware of the dangers of motorized vehicles.  Many cyclists have stories about that time when they almost got hit or heaven forbid when they did get hit by a vehicle.   So it isn`t surprising that people...

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